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Is the add-on difficult to use?

Not at all. If you know how to use Excel/Google Sheets, then you already know how to use our add-on. No coding is required.

Do you offer free trial?

Yes, we do provide 3-day free trial for our platform.

How do you make sure the data is accurate?

We source all of our data from Finnhub, one of the most reputable data providers out there. Our data is institutional-grade as it is being used by hedge funds, investment banks, mutual funds and thousands of private investors.

Why are some data different from Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc...?

Our data provider, Finnhub, have their own methods of sourcing and standardizing data. During this process, they introduce some new ways to calculate the same data fields. More details here.

Which markets do you cover?

For equity and ETFs we currently support global data (60+ major exchanges). We have data for all major cryptos and forex from more than 23 exchanges. We also cover global mutual funds.

Which platform does Finsheet support?

Finsheet's add-on is available for both Excel (Mac + Window) and Google Sheets (all browsers).


Can I modify my subscription?

Absolutely, you can change your subscription in the Account page at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription in the Account page if you are a retail client. If you are an Corporate client, please reach out to your account manager to cancel your subscription at the end of the contract.

Is credit card required for the trial?

Yes it is required. You may try out the Free plan first before upgrading to our Premium plan.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately no. We do not offer refunds at the moment unless it is a billing error on our end. You need to cancel the subscription on time to avoid any unwanted charges.

Is my credit card secured?

100%. Your credit card is processed securely with Stripe. We never store your credit card number.

Do you offer Corporate Pricing?

Yes we do. For Corporate clients, we will need to sign commercial agreements and can customize billing based on your needs. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for more details.

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